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The Nowhere Men is an online video series produced by a New York-based film crew that travels the world to tell inspiring stories of everyday people. Portera co-founded TNM with two colleagues following film projects they'd taken on for Lonely Planet. In their travels across the globe, they discovered a consistent theme: kindness to strangers, no matter where they went.

So they launched their online video series to spread the message that "people are good." Their "Rally On" series has been viewed more than 26 million times and watched for over 29.7million minutes (that's 56.5 years).

Alex believes that when we can engage with one another from a basis of respect and understanding for one another’s humanity, we can solve the most pressing issues facing humanity. Our greatest conflicts come when we see different people as something other than human. By presenting video subjects in the most human light possible, viewers find hints of themselves in others. This is the spark that ignites progress.