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Maven is a media coalition of professional content destinations (“mavens”), operating exclusively on a shared digital publishing, advertising and distribution platform, providing a major media scale alternative to news and information distributed on social platforms.

Just as Hulu created the largest premium video alternative to YouTube, Maven’s coalition of studio-quality content owners has created a sustainable business platform for “mavens” to operate, viewers to consume and major brand advertisers to market on a unified, pristine, high- scale environment.

Brands such as Sports Illustrated, TheStreet, History, Maxim, Yoga Journal, SKI Magazine, Oxygen, Cupcakes & Cashmere, The Intellectualist, Biography, and over 300 other mavens with millions of existing viewers have accepted our invitation to join Maven’s growing coalition, reaching over 100M consumers monthly.

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Founder James Heckman designed Maven as the sixth generation of his original NFL Exclusive business model (premium coalition on a single platform), all profitable and ultimately acquired and operated by major media companies.


Maven brings all this content together on a unified, shared digital publishing, advertising, data management and distribution platform, architected and managed exclusively by Maven, and designed to engage audiences with community and cross-brand distribution tools.

Maven provides consumers a unified network, offering access to multiple channels of content through a single brand – all on a single tech platform so marketers can reach these highly-engaged consumers in a pristine, efficient environment.

Maven’s many household media brands, and hundreds of professional journalists and content creators (“mavens”) are now part of our invite-only, curated coalition, where they retain their own data, content and asset sovereignty (unlike open social media platforms), yet still leverage our major media scale.


Maven was founded and is led by a veteran team involved in the formation of several profitable, major media digital platforms, such as Hulu, NFL Exclusive, Rivals, Accuen, Scout, 5to1/YAM, Hubpages, MSN and Say Media. James Heckman (Founder), Ross Levinsohn (CEO - Maven and Sports Illustrated media operations), Paul Edmondson (President), Avi Zimak (Chief Revenue Officer), Ben Trott (Chief Product Officer), Bill Sornsin (Co-Founder), and Ben Joldersma (Chief Technology Officer) have held senior executive and engineering positions at Yahoo!, AppNexus, News Corp, Omnicom, Microsoft, Google, and Amazon.


The high-scale, unified platform offers operating leverage to all participants of Maven’s efficient ecosystem. Ad agencies are more in control, and their marketing more successful operating within a single, pristine environment. Consumers enjoy single log-in and navigation, as well as consistent quality. Publisher “mavens” are finally offered a fair, sustainable business model with free distribution and world-class technology and investors can count on a profitable business model that doesn’t require material increases in costs to scale revenue. This formula has proven profitable and sustainable since its first version created for the NFL in 1991 (“NFL Exclusive”), is still providing tens of millions of perpetual revenue for Yahoo! ( since the mid-nineties, as the exact same premium coalition playbook continues be successful for and Hulu.

Keeping true to its winning formula, Maven’s business model eliminates all non-content operating expenses for its coalition equity partners, and its distributed operating leverage enables its entire suite of services to be provided on a revenue share basis, which creates lower (non-fixed) operating costs than if a media company was forced to create and run its own platform and digital ad sales team. Partners also receive a much higher level of technical and relationship proficiency, given Maven’s platform focus and years of experience operating and leading multi-billion-user digital media platforms.

Maven provides coalition partners a complete suite of digital services and assets, along with equity. Those services include:

  • distribution across 100 million+ monthly users
  • integral social/community features
  • native mobile apps for iOS and Android
  • user notifications via email and apps
  • video
  • hosting
  • search
  • advanced CMS (content management system)
  • ad serving and data technology stack
  • integrated subscription and membership services
  • partner support team

The unified coalition brings massive scale and tech expertise, to ensure the same level of access as major media to premium brand advertising budgets.


Maven is a coalition of Mavens, operating on a shared digital publishing, advertising, and distribution platform, unified under a single media brand. Based in Seattle, Maven is publicly traded under the ticker symbol MVEN.

Maven(noun | ma·ven | ˈmā-vən): Independent professional media, authentic authority, evangelist and recognized community leader for a specific topic, cause or organization.


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