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Maven’s Unique Users Skyrocket: Our recent acquisition of HubPagesdrives Maven’s footprint to 40 million monthly users. The companies will soon be interoperating on advertising, and over the coming months, as HubPages’ channels are migrated to Maven’s platform, we expect channel partners to benefit via network traffic distribution features.

Maven CEO James Heckman and HubPages CEO Paul Edmondson recently sat down for an excellent, in-depth video conversation that offers more perspective and insight on the alliance. Click here to watch. And this week, an informational call and Q&A was held; click here to listen.

In addition, Business Insider wrote a story about the coming together of the two companies, focusing on the advertising side of the equation. Click here to read it.

Features of the Week: Our engineering team continues to make important strides. Among them: the platform now supports YouTube custom start times; Twitter and Facebook sharing features are more prominent; and we’ve added a “reply-to-replies” function on posts to drive additional user engagement.

Product Roadmap: We’re currently in a hardening/stabilization phase of the platform’s development but moving forward we have features planned around several broad categories. Here’s a sampling of planned work for this year:

  • SOCIAL: LinkedIn registration, member recognition system
  • DISTRIBUTION: invite friends via social media and contacts; cross-network content circulation
  • PUBLISHING: edit tracking; image/video library; editor enhancements
  • INFRASTRUCTURE: further search engine optimization; HubPages integration
  • UX (user experience): Android app release; tagging; advanced search
  • MONETIZATION: video ads; improved membership “sell” pages

Welcome Aboard! We announced our newest Maven, Linda Sarsour, just in time for last weekend’s Women’s March. Click here for a terrific video of Linda, Rinku Sen and James Heckman discussing the importance of viewpoint diversity and thoughtful discussion across the network.

Meanwhile, Kris Osborne, a former Pentagon analyst and one-time CNN Headline News anchor, has launched Warrior Maven, a channel devoted to coverage of weapons, technology and military strategy. We’ll have a formal press release and video conversation with Kris posted on Maven in the coming days.

We also recently signed Keith Craft (servant leadership); The Loftus Party(comedian Michael Loftus’ multimedia riff on politics and pop culture); and Bret Jensen of BioTech Forum and BioTech Nation, who joins our growing money sector of publishers.

Thank you for your interest in Maven.

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