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Q3 Investor Conference Call was held on 11/16, featuring comments from CEO James Heckman, CFO Marty Heimbigner director and monetization head Josh Jacobs, and COO Bill Sornsin. Click here for audio and transcript.

Maven Announces Q3 Results. Maven announced its 2017 Q3 results last week, reporting rapid growth in monthly organic users.

“For more than a year, we’ve been focused on platform development and securing our founding Mavens,” said CEO James Heckman. “September’s launch out of beta certainly was encouraging at every level, from the quality of our content partners, the instant uplift in engagement from our platform, and the significant growth – all organic traffic.”

Heckman cited four key drivers for Maven’s success:

  • More than 80 signed and 30 live channel partners with more coming weekly
  • Significant increase in audience engagement (71% increase, post migration)
  • Launch of version 1.0 of the technology platform, featuring tightly integrated publishing, video, mobile, social, paid membership and advertising features
  • Organic growth from 164,000 to 529,000 to 900,000 monthly unique visitors during the three months of Q3, which then quadrupled to 3.6 million during October, utilizing no paid traffic acquisition

To read the full release, including a detailed breakout of Maven's financials, please visit the Investor room.

The “Split Stream” Has Arrived. Last week we rolled out what we call the “split stream” – where stories and conversations now appear separately on the front page and in rooms. On the desktop, stories appear in the first two columns. On mobile versions, groups of stories and quick posts alternate, and users can choose all of one or the other.

In addition, we’ve introduced a more visually appealing “one by two” layout on the home page, and have made various site performance improvements.

This is a significant user experience enhancement towards our vision of “unifying professional content with social”. We now better distinguish publisher/editor content from user contributions; more effectively present stories containing third party links; and provide a more efficient and visually-appealing layout.

Welcome Aboard! Radio personality Erick Erickson’s “The Resurgent” is now live on Maven. This well-known podcast and blog of thought-provoking articles highlights conservative perspectives on American and global political issues. Also, we'd like to extend a warm welcome to the newest signees: Alicé Anil, who delivers opinionated documentaries and political analysis with a progressive edge, and Nicholas Ward’s “Income-Minded Millennial,” focused on dividend growth stocks.

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