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Financial Summit in Dallas a Success: Maven’s leadership team convened in Dallas last week with top finance/economics publishers from around the country to present our strategy for growing the financial segment of our coalition to compete with TheStreet, Seeking Alpha and Forbes Newsletter networks. We were joined by the dozen publishers in this segment who have already signed on with Maven.

We’ll share more on the conference later, but here is some of the commentary coming out of the event:

“When you empower the people who are authentic and the best, and you put them together in a mutually supportive network … it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you guys want to own the finance sector, we can put together an elite line up of 50 to 100 financial analysts and crush it together.” -- Maven CEO James Heckman

“I’m excited because the leadership team is not only dynamic but passionate and they have the perfect track record that gives everybody in the room assurance that this is definitely going to be a successful platform for all our separate websites.” -- Tara Tedrow, cannabis industry attorney & investor, soon to go live on Maven.

“To be in a network that is standing behind their product with offers of stock in the company is huge. And the platform that they’ve built is streamlined. You’re able to get your content out fast and it’s backed by reputable engineers who have worked on some pretty large projects. That’s impressive itself. To bring it all together with publishers who are passionate, in a network in which they’ll own a part, is fantastic.” -- Calvin Hill of The, a prospective channel partner

“Right here at this conference I met other financial writers I want to share content with. I did not have a way to do that when I was on WordPress and Google Blog.” -- Mike Shedlock of recently launched Maven channel

The interaction among signed and prospective partners, sharing ideas and best practices, served as a vivid reminder of the value of Maven’s coalition model.

Welcome Aboard! Our newest signed Maven is author and TV host Touré Neblett, who covers culture, politics media and more. We also officially announced that EconoMonitor is live on the Maven network.

ICYMI: Our monthly traffic climbed from 900,000 unique visitors in September to nearly 5 million in November. And every bit of that growth is organic; not one penny has been spent on marketing.

Thank you for your interest in Maven.

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