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5 Million Milestone! Last month Maven announced monthly traffic climbed from 900,000 unique visitors in September to 3.6 million in October. In November, unique visitors grew once again to nearly 5 million. We anticipate traffic will flatten during the holidays, as content sites typically react opposite to e-commerce seasonality.

Welcome Aboard! A warm welcome to our newest signed Mavens:ReelViews (movie reviews) and Political Storm, a non-partisan platform for political discussion. We also officially announced Blue Lives Matter going live on the Maven network.

Financial Maven Summit in Dallas. This week our leadership team will convene in Dallas to pitch and set strategy for our growing financial analyst network, to compete directly with TheStreet, Seeking Alpha and Forbes Newsletter networks. We believe there’s a hole in the market, for “true experts,” utilizing great technology - combining app, video, social, mobile and premium memberships. Driven by veteran publishers who collectively offer both broad economic insight and niche expertise, we believe we can grow this already impressive “money” lineup into a digital media powerhouse, covering virtually every segment of the finance arena.

Rinku Sen Joins Maven Board. Last week we were delighted to announcethat Rinku has joined the Maven board of directors. A well-respected author, journalist and political activist, she brings deep experience and refreshing perspective.

Advertising Update: The architecture of our advertising platform is coming together well, and is focused now on two critical activities.

First is testing performance against design and advertising load on the pages, to balance high value ad units with user experience. Our new design was a big part of this, and more modifications will come. Our hope is to emerge from 2017 with definitive data for major platforms, in time for the biggest digital ad conference of the year (CES).

Second, we have been working through certification with direct advertising partners, an important precursor to our next phase of revenue growth. Six partnerships are approved to date, with an active pipeline as well, which should serve over time to drive up the quality, quantity, and prices of our ads.

Our pace and strategy is on track and our early content and engagement statistics are as strong as we’d hoped. We look forward someday to matching our engagement numbers with equally impressive scale, to present Maven as a 'must-buy' content partner. We believe we remain on pace to expect material revenue during early 2018, assuming performance and scale continues.

Thank you for your interest in Maven.

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