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Product Update: We have improved the story and conversation detail page layout to reduce clutter for users and further improve SEO. We've also refined the ad layout. More tweaks will come as we continue watching data on engagement, ad performance etc.

Coming Soon: We are working on a new editor for publishers. We have decided to replace that module, to improve handling of copy/paste, links, embeds and formatting generally.

Welcome Aboard! Please welcome our newest signed Mavens:

  • “Nones,” from the publisher of “Being Liberal,” covers secularism in America.
  • Phil Davis Top Trades, from the publisher of Phil’s Stock World. Phil's audience includes nearly 2 million Twitter followers.
  • OnScene.TV, providing independent news videos from LA, San Diego, San Francisco, Texas and Washington, and currently starring in the NetFlix series "Shot In The Dark."

ICYMI: Recently Maven named Josh Jacobs President and Executive Chairman. Full coverage here.

Thank you for your interest in Maven.

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