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Maven names Josh Jacobs President and Executive Chairman: Josh Jacobs, former Omnicom and Yahoo! senior executive, has been named President and Executive Chairman of Maven after joining originally as a consultant and serving as the company’s Co-Chair over the last year. Jacobs’ expanded role in growing Maven’s coalition platform was announced today.

“At the outset, Maven’s team, technology and strategy was as compelling as the obvious need in the marketplace and so I was excited to join the board, invest and help launch the company,” said Jacobs. “But the coalition’s rapid growth, scale, performance of the platform and the reception from the advertising community at every level motivated me to throw 100 percent focus into helping lead this market-changing coalition. The dual opportunity to lead our executive team and board over the coming years is truly exciting.”

“Maven’s growing publisher coalition deserves the most brilliant, experienced leadership possible, and Josh is certainly all those things,” said Maven CEO and Founder James Heckman. “We will be working side-by-side with our veteran product and executive team, to execute the vision of this impressive coalition.”

Jacobs is a pioneer in digital advertising, on the demand and supply sides, and a major media veteran with senior executive roles at Glam, Yahoo! and Omnicom.

“What I love about this company is that every executive has direct experience in architecting global-scale digital platforms,” said Heckman. “This is an engineering-based company, first and foremost, and we understand the role we play in leading this coalition. Our mission is to provide a major media platform for the incredible, independent entrepreneurs who deserve world-class performance and monetization. Our senior team’s previous roles and experience -- creating products that touch the lives of hundreds of millions -- has prepared us to execute on our ambitious new model of a grand coalition of mavens.”

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Product update. We have reached a key milestone in the development of our app for Android mobile devices, as it has entered the “beta” testing stage. We look forward to delivering the app to the general public in coming months. Our app for iOS launched last fall to great reviews, and iPhone/iPad users can find it here.

Developing outstanding native mobile apps has been a priority since our founding, because the vast majority of internet users today are consuming and talking about news, information and commentary via their smartphones and tablets.

Empowering Publishers. Last week we announced that we’re partnering with blockchain-based to provide our content creators protection from improper use of their content and ensure fair monetization. In addition,'s David Bailey will join Maven’s board and James Heckman will join's board.

“Partnering with advances our strategy to provide Maven publishers with the greatest tools available to drive maximum monetization, distribution, transparency and security,” said Maven CEO James Heckman. “Maven’s vision and mission is perfectly aligned with’s. At the end of the day, we’re working to empower and protect independent publishers.”

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Welcome Aboard. Our newest signed partners are PINAC (a.k.a. Photography Is Not A Crime), and TheShoeGame, led by Gerard Smith and Calvin Hill who follow the styles and developments at Nike and other brands. And Political Storm just launched on the platform. We now have 88 signed partners, with hundreds more in the pipeline.

Thank you for your interest in Maven.

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