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Product Update: We are nearing completion of a dramatically new Maven coalition home page designed specifically to drive traffic to our mavens, leveraging the power of the coalition’s over 40 million monthly unique visitors. Corporate news and information will remain readily available via drop-down menu, but the focus of the page will be to make it easy for visitors to find the experts and topics they seek. We’ll also provide a search box within each maven channel to promote cross-readership around the coalition. Below is a sneak peak of what our new home page will look like. We’re targeting rollout in early April.

​Elsewhere in the product arena, we will soon change our top-level domain from to, making it easier to remember and type. This will not affect SEO, links or bookmarks.

Welcome Aboard! Please welcome our newest signed mavens: Right News (conservative viewpoints); Blockchain Beach (covering blockchain and crypto currency), and The Firearm Project (founded by the publisher of our Blue Lives Matter channel and focused on gun rights and responsibilities).

Maven of the Week: Our growing segment of money mavens includes a 25-year veteran of the financial services business and financial radio show host, Bob Brooks. One of our very first signed mavens, Bob helps people plan, invest and manage their wealth and stay abreast of current economic trends and developments. Click here to check out his Maven channel, Prudent Money.

Thank you for your interest in Maven.

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