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Impressive Addition: Derek Liddell has joined Maven as Senior VP Program Management, responsible for product priorities, feature research, competitive analysis and driving the overall product creation and innovation process. A 15-year veteran of Microsoft, Derek will work closely with CTO Ben Joldersma, the executive team, and partner support.

Product Update: A new version of our app for Apple mobile devices shipped last week. We’ve added a series of new features, including an enhanced search function, iPad-specific layouts, “split stream” layout, and better formatting in stories and messages. Each channel within our Maven coalition has a specific download link which sends their users straight to their channel when the app is launched.

Development of our app for Android mobile devices is progressing well and is on pace for rollout to the general public in the second quarter.

Video Power: As we’ve noted before, video generates greater ad revenue than purely written content. One of our newest live coalition members — — is producing short, beautifully crafted segments that highlight the compelling nature of video. Here’s one excellent sample.

Shout Out: In an Oscar year full of “toss up” races, James Berardinelli of signed channel partner ReelViews proved why he’s a film maven. A week ago he unveiled his predictions for the 90th Academy Awards and Sunday night, after the final curtain dropped, Berardinelli had correctly forecast five out of the “big six” awards. ReelViews will be live on Maven later this year.

Thank you for your interest in Maven.

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