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Welcome Aboard!MishTalk, covering global economic trends, and Blue Lives Matter, a news and community site run by and for law enforcement and supporters, are our newest live channels. Both bring large, passionate audiences to our coalition. See the list of all signed Mavens here.

Product Update: Video is in full service! We completed beta testing with uploads and playback working reliably on web, mobile web, and the app. A year in the making, this is a major achievement that supercharges publishing speed from the field, enhances the user experience, and optimizes monetization.

In a few weeks, we’ll be replacing the carousel layout format on each of our channels with a “showcase” model that allows publishers to highlight stories without requiring users to click or wait as they do with a carousel. While the carousel is visually attractive, the change will enhance the user experience and get people reading more.

A Milestone: One year ago this week we announced Maven’s creation and the reverse merger that would take us public. CEO James Heckman used the word “bold” to describe the move to become a public company so soon after inception, but said it was “consistent with our confidence in this team, the platform we are building, and the business plan we have fine-tuned and have dreamed about over the past two decades."

A year later, those words are prophetic. We have built a comprehensive platform that brings together massive scale, high efficiency and the major audience engagement that is highly attractive to advertisers. We have signed more than 70 channel partners -- including Pulitzer and Emmy winners and New York Times best-selling authors -- and have publicly stated our goal of partnering with 1,000 high-scale publishers in a vast array of categories. We envision more than 100 million organic, unique users over time. That was just our first year. The second promises to be just as rewarding.

Thank you for your interest in Maven.