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We’ve had a major couple of weeks on the product front. Among the highlights:

  1. The iOS app is in beta testing, and Android will follow in approximately a month.
  2. Video is here! Several Mavens are now uploading video on their channels. You can upload from both web (desktop & mobile) and the app.
  3. Ads are here, rolling out across the network right now.
  4. Premium memberships are live. For experts with passionate audiences, the sweet spot in online publishing is offering both free and premium content. Sean Hyman, “The Logical Investor,” sold more than $16,000 in memberships his first week. Some tweaks remain, but we’re live and selling.

Engineering Update: As platform development continues, the engineering team has -- in addition to the 4 major items above -- delivered new navigation and menu bars and is adding final touches to an improved front-page and room “stream” layout. This will reduce clutter and better separate publisher content from user content. Support for more file types for upload is also imminent (.pdf, .gif, .mp3 etc). The team also continues knocking out bug fixes, including ones relating to Facebook sharing, Soundcloud embeds and mobile display.

Finally, a major performance upgrade was released last Friday, yielding more responsive, faster loading pages all around.

Three More Live Channels: A warm welcome to Big Blended Family, Asphalt & Dirt, and AllHipHop -- all now live on the Maven network. Dozens more are in beta preparing for launch, with 62 partners signed as of today.

Quote of the Week: From CEO James Heckman in this week’s second quarter press release: “Looking ahead, we seek to partner with 1,000 high-scale, category-specific Mavens – partners with organic, highly engaged audiences – over the next few years. We envision more than 100 million organic, unique users – each engaging with independently operated Mavens on the network.”

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