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Our engineering team continues to shine, with these breaking developments:

  1. Video improvements. Based on feedback from beta users, we released several fixes & enhancements to mobile video delivery and video upload.
  2. Feeling the need for speed. Major performance upgrades to both the “stream” view (home page and rooms) and story pages were just delivered.
  3. Search function. We’ll deliver within 2 weeks. Phase 1 is a simple full-text channel search, followed in time by advanced search options, tagging, faceting and more.

Maven of the Week.Neale Godfrey's "Money for Life" has remarkable content providing useful guidance around kids & money, teens & money, moms and more.

Welcome Aboard! A warm welcome to our newest Mavens: MishTalk, The Weed Blog, Transgender Universe, The Intellectualist, Warrior Maven, Transpartisan Voice, Sugar & Sports, Clayton Morris and Economonitor, all of whom joined our coalition recently and are working toward going live soon. Our number of signed partners now totals 63.

ICYMI: Congratulations to longtime friend, colleague and Maven board member Ross Levinsohn, who was recently appointed CEO of the Los Angeles Times. A number of people have asked what this news means for Maven and Ross’ ongoing involvement with us. Here’s what CEO James Heckman shared in an open letter the other day to investors, partners and followers:

“Ross continues to contribute to Maven in his role as a member of our board of directors and as a strategic advisor helping us shape our distribution partnerships. Maven’s vision and strategy is to work with a broad group of partners who can help amplify the voices of our publishing partners. In addition to his typical duties as a Maven board member, Ross facilitates conversations with major distribution partners, which included introductions to the LA Times parent company, Tronc, over a year ago. We plan to continue our discussions with them, as with other potential partners."

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