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Maven iOS app and video upload. Thanks to valuable feedback from our Mavens, our engineering team has made significant progress with the Beta Test iOS app and video upload capabilities during the past two weeks. Phase I of search is wrapping up testing and should release this week if all goes well.

Maven of the Week. The Human Rights Foundation is inspiring. Spanning the globe from Venezuela to Russia to North Korea, HRF calls out oppressive regimes and works tireless to promote and protect human rights.

"Our new partnership with Maven will help us share our work with a much broader audience,” said Thor Halvorssen, HRF founder and CEO. “More than half of the world's population lives under authoritarian rule and information is the best way for us to shift that balance. With Maven, distribution of that information will be faster and richer than ever before. We are thrilled to partner with Maven’s distinguished digital media pioneers and grateful they have offered their skills and resources at our disposal."

Live now on Maven, HRF has transitioned from a traditional non-profit site focused on programs and information to Maven's vibrant format that engages visitors immediately with the real-world events, issues and causes that animate HRF's work.

Welcome Aboard! A warm welcome to our newest Maven, Tara Tedrow, a respected attorney covering the cannabis industry from an investing perspective. Want to meet all of our Mavens? You can find a list and short descriptions of all signed Mavens here.

Maven now has 17 channels live, with 51 more in various stages of launch.

Industry Notes. Google and Facebook are important partners for our Mavens and this will continue. However, we continue hearing of arbitrary takedowns and “de-monetizations" happening with no explanation or recourse. One example made the news last week: "Ominous" - Google De-Monetizing Dave Rubin’s YouTube Videos.

The lesson for independent publishers is to take control of user engagement, and utilize social platforms as a tool for audience development, not as the primary online outlet.

Thank you for your interest in Maven.

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