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Video Update. Great progress in the last few weeks beta-testing Maven’s built-in video infrastructure. User playback is very reliable, as is upload from the iOS app. Video upload from most web browsers works well. We continue to debug certain browser/router/regional combinations to ensure full usability. This is a major project, a year in the making, and is absolutely crucial to enabling a great user experience, fast publishing from the field, and optimal monetization.

User Imports: Many channel partners have message board or newsletter subscriber lists, some of them quite large. We can import these into the channel, then provide a special invitation link allowing those users to “Activate” their account. We automatically detect duplicates, bad data etc. This reduces friction for signups, reserves usernames if applicable, and helps new Mavens bring their existing audience to the platform immediately.

Maven of the Week: If you’re a car enthusiast, or like to tinker under the hood, you don't want to miss On the Road with Scotty. Scotty Kilmer is a YouTube legend with more than 190 million video views of his quirky, entertaining takes on all things cars and car repair.

“I joined Maven because I saw an opportunity to reach even more people and help them out,” said Kilmer. “After meeting with Maven team, I was impressed from the top down by the professional grade of all involved.

“Maven is a perfect match for me, as part of their expert-only network. Their business model allows me to do my thing, while they handle technology, distribution and advertising - and they bring serious internet executive experience. It's hard enough for me to stay ahead of emerging car technology, so I appreciate them ensuring my media technology is out front as well. This is a perfect Yin/Yang relationship,” he added.

His Maven channel has “blown up” in a big way with user participation complementing his terrific videos. When you stop by, don’t miss the “Ask Scotty” room, where Scotty, his team of volunteer moderators and fans are sharing knowledge every day.

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