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Welcome Aboard! A warm welcome to “Being Feminist”, the newest Maven to join our coalition. Known as a prolific Facebook presence with more than 150,000 followers and a popular blog, Being Feminist is bringing its content promoting “equal availability of opportunities and equitable distribution of resources for people of all genders” to Maven. For a list of all of our signed Mavens and short descriptions of their channels, check out our Mavens list here.

Maven of the Week: If you’re a part of a blended family, bringing two or more families together in your relationship, Big Blended Family is a resource you don’t want to miss. The go-to place for parents looking for practical advice, conversation and some laughs about blending two families into one, Big Blended Family was founded by a group of like-minded moms who realized there were too few online resources for blended families. This channel offers tips and insights, ranging from meals to schedules, for fellow travelers on the blended family journey.

“Working with this team of experienced digital professionals who believe in the strength of independent media has restored my faith in my ability to not only survive, but now thrive, as a publisher in this ever-evolving digital landscape,” said Julieta Alvarado, the founder of Big Blended Family.

If you stop into BBF and find yourself with questions of your own, check the “Ask BBF” room for insight and advice from other followers and the BBF team.

Search is live! Thanks to feedback from our publishers on the beta test, we have refined and launched the new search feature. Publishers and visitors to Maven channels can search by channel, room or conversation.

Feature of the Week: Story Sharing. By popular demand, we’ve made it easier for users to share our content to social media. The new share bar appears on the left side of every story, enabling sharing via Twitter, Facebook, or direct URL (Pinterest coming soon), plus quick access to comments.