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Maven Coalition Conference 2018. Whistler, B.C., was the center of the independent publishing world last week as Maven hosted a conference attended by more than 300 mavens, prospective mavens, industry speakers, journalists and influencers. This was a milestone gathering of independent publishers at a tumultuous time in the industry.

“The best part of the conference was meeting so many mavens, each sharp, consequential, and creative in a different field,” said Salvador Litvik, founder of the Accidental Talmudist, which counts a following of 1.1 million. “What I learned will profoundly benefit our mission at Accidental Talmudist.”

Maven already ranks as one of the 20 most-trafficked platforms on the Web, with more than 90 million unique users per month, and the non-Maven publishers on hand represented a collective audience of another 90 million unique users per month.

Independent publishers are looking for a stable home that will allow them to regain control of their data and web presence. We’ll be sharing their powerful industry perspectives in video form in coming days and weeks.

Given the number of publishers who attended the conference and the wide range of topic areas -- and worldwide geography -- they represent, it is no exaggeration to say the event saved months, even years, of outreach and development time.

Business Insider attended the event and ran two feature pieces:

'Our business model has been completely jeopardized' — these publishers say Facebook has nearly destroyed their livelihoods

Holly Homer used to dread Thursdays. For some reason, that's when Facebook seemed to mess with its algorithm.

Still, she and her small team at got used to it - as did many publishers that built huge followings on the social network and saw their audiences and their ability to make money ebb and flow wildly over the past few years.

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Digital Media Vet Jim Heckman Tries To Recruit Publishers For Maven Platform

Led by serial entrepreneur Jim Heckman, Maven is trying to build a coalition of small digital publishers to join a common tech platform and reclaim some of the audience and ad budgets swallowed up by Facebook. The three-day recruiting session featured a host of panels…

Read the rest of the story here... (behind Business Insider’s paywall)

More perspective on the piece can be found here (Media Post, free)

Welcome Aboard! Our newest signed Mavens include:

  • Uptown Magazine, serving an affluent African-American audience with articles on home, tech, fashion, fitness, travel, food, sports, entertainment, culture and more.
  • Active Self Protection, John Correia’s respect source of self-defense info.
  • Track Research, combining real-market research with thorough and thoughtful analysis and financial tools.
  • Jazz Maven, from the creator of All About Jazz.
  • NFL Draft Scout, the media’s go-to source for all things NFL Draft.
  • Qasim Rashid - author, attorney and human-rights activist.
  • Forgotten Weapons, fascinating coverage of historic and obscure weaponry.

Recently launched on Maven:The Loftus Party - news, politics and culture with a witty bent from the Right. Original Path, dedicated to helping teens identify alternatives to conventional schooling. PINAC News, short for Photography Is Not A Crime, pushing back on 1st Amendment violations coast-to-coast.

Thank you for your interest in Maven.

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