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On track. Implementation of our triple merger with Say Media and continues. With more than 90 million monthly unique visitors collectively, that makes us a top internet destination, with hundreds of live sites. Many more channel partners are signed and going live soon.

The voices of independent publishers: We’ve created a Featured Mavens room that offers up an an insightful mix of video conversations at our Whistler conference with current mavens, prospective mavens, and other independent publishers. They talk about their digital media beginnings, the passionate audiences they focus on, and the future of independent publishing.

Welcome aboard! Since our independent publishers’ conference in Whistler in April, we have signed over two dozen new channel partners. The most recent among them, with a notable contingent from the health and wellness vertical, are:

Recently launched on Maven:

Indian Country Today is the foremost voice in Native America, serving the sovereign indigenous nations and celebrating their people via news, history, activism, culture, events, entertainment, education, sports and more since 1981. ICT’s audience includes nearly 1.5 million social media followers.

Today’s Mama was founded in 2004 as a resource to help moms create and maintain balance in life. Rachael Herrscher’s editorial team has spearheaded more than 10,000 posts and generated a social media following of over 700,000 people.

The Shoe Game is one of the sneaker industry's most influential information portals, and attracts more than 100,000 readers a month via thought-provoking discussion on new releases, celebrity wear, interviews, features and community dialogue.

Product Update. More video enhancements, advertising and new community engagement features are in process. We’re also launching major initiatives around search engine optimization and cross-coalition distribution.

Privacy and the power of a coalition: Web privacy laws in the European Union changed on May 25 with implementation of a General Data Protection Regulation aimed at giving users better transparency and control of their data. It’s a highly complicated regulation, with implementation guidance still emerging, but the boundary-less nature of the internet means publishers are affected whether based in the EU or not. There are no exceptions for smaller publishers, and penalties can be steep.

Our engineering and management team worked for months on technology updates, a new privacy policy and related measures and we are committed to staying current with developments. This considerable work highlights another very real benefit of publisher membership in the Maven coalition.

These improvements are part of Maven’s ongoing commitment to provide transparency and safeguard user privacy, and to provide both users and publishers a better experience.

Thank you for your interest in Maven.

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