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Maven on The Today Show

Maven continues to lead the charge exposing the crippling effects of Facebook’s shifting policies on independent publishers. The Today Show on NBC featured Maven in one publisher’s story in a segment which aired on September 3. In their accompanying article on, they write:

A new platform has even been launched to combat Facebook: Maven debuted in 2016 and has already attracted more than 300 publishers to its site, getting about 90 million unique clicks a month. Homer moved her KidsActivities page to Maven, and now directs her Facebook followers to the competitor platform.

Coverage of Maven/Say Media/HubPages Merger

The Today Show segment is on the heels of a Business Insider story, which covered Maven’s organizational changes as a key move to create efficiencies and become a viable alternative outside of Facebook for small publishers.

The article also announced the post-merger leadership team, consisting of executives from all three organizations. Maven founder James Heckman remains CEO and a member of the board; Josh Jacobs remains President and Executive Chair of the board; HubPages CEO/founder Paul Edmondson becomes Maven’s COO; Say’s Ben Trott will become Maven’s Chief Product Officer, managing all three company’s product and technology teams with Maven co-founder Ben Joldersma remaining CTO and Chief Architect.

The story was also picked up by MediaPost, which can be read here and MobileMarketing, which can be read here.

Rapid Expansion of Maven Sports

Over the past few weeks, nine additional NFL channels have launched in Maven's sports network, all led by seasoned NFL beat writers and columnists:

Renowned Oakland Raiders reporters amplifying coverage via Raidermaven

Veteran Buffalo Bills journalists magnifying their insights with Buffalomaven

Award-winning Falcons reporter Stan Awtrey goes deep with Falconmaven makes the move to Maven

Veteran Seahawks reporter Corbin Smith expanding reach with Seahawkmaven

New York Jets writer Chris Mascaro widens reach with Jetmaven

Vikings insider Chris Hall magnifying insight with Vikingmaven

Long-time Baltimore Ravens journalist Todd Karpovich launches Ravenmaven

Veteran New England Patriots journalist Williams Bendetson launches Patriotmaven

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