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A new monthly digital publication, Bass Magazine offers daily web and social media posts on the past, present and future of the bass. From in-depth artist interviews and revealing gear reviews to thought-provoking columns and insightful lessons, Bass Magazine is run by the team that created and ran Bass Player magazine for its first 30 years--Editor in Chief Jon D’Auria, Senior Editor Chris Jisi, and Editor at Large Elton Bradman.

The writing team includes Jonathan Herrera, Jim Roberts, Ed Friedland, Rod C. Taylor, Freddy Villano, John Goldsby, Stevie Glasgow, Karl Coryat, Bill Leigh, and Patrick Pfeiffer, with contributions from the top bassists in all genres and the most widely respected gear manufacturers.

In addition, Bass Magazine will be organizing the first of what they hope to be many regular live bass events in the fall of 2019. Check out Bass Magazine for all the down low details.