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Nationally recognized annuities expert Stan Haithcock (“Stan The Annuity Man”) has joined TheStreet team with new channel Stan on TheStreet. Known for his transparency, honesty, and endless research, Haithcock’s Stan on TheStreet delivers articles, videos, and podcasts to educate and inform readers about all aspects of annuities. 

“I’m so excited to join TheStreet and provide consumers the best educational annuity content available, providing them with an open platform for discussion while answering questions they have concerning the sometimes controversial annuity topic,” said Haithcock.  

Also the mind behind the Stan The Annuity Man brand, Haithcock has published seven books on annuities, was a long-time contributor to MarketWatch, and has published numerous articles on annuities in such outlets as the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Kiplingers, Chicago Tribune, US News & World Report, Barrons, CNBC, and Investor’s Business Daily.