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...Liberty, will join dozens of political causes, foundations and award-winning journalists in operating its home channel on the new digital media network, TheMaven.

The invite-only network -- itself non-partisan when it comes to politics -- is building a coalition of elite content channels and groups and will continue to announce founding partners on all sides of the political spectrum.

Students For Liberty has used the Web and social media to promote its mission, leadership training programs and academic resources for nearly a decade and will now harness the distribution power of TheMaven to amplify passionate student voices.

“We’re encouraged by TheMaven’s politically inclusive and courageous mission,” said Wolf von Laer, CEO of Students For Liberty. “For our movement, publishing and promoting our vision along with community-building in the U.S. and worldwide is our priority.

“Joining a global community of elite thinkers and their passionate followers from all sides will help us stand above the online clutter anger and amateurism that seems to permeate today’s media landscape. We will relaunch early this summer, which will reach thousands of campus chapters, on TheMaven’s new digital media network platform.”

TheMaven provides a select group of media professionals an end-to-end digital platform within a cooperative, sharing resources, distribution and monetization. Dozens of award-winning journalists, best-selling authors, top analysts, important causes, and foundations have already joined the coalition of professional journalists.

“Students For Liberty presents an opportunity for all of us to learn from brilliant, passionate young minds,” said James Heckman, the founder and CEO of TheMaven. “We may not agree with their message, but young people from all sides need a voice -- without censorship, algorithmic manipulation or restrictions -- and we should listen. It seems like we’ve all been manipulated into a polarizing, hateful world of intolerance and so we hope our platform unlocks new hope for brilliant, passionate leaders to create an environment of education, civil communication and community.”

Students For Liberty, founded in 2008 on the cornerstones of academic depth and activism, aims to educate young people about the philosophy of liberty, where the rights of all people in all areas of their lives are respected. Students For Liberty accomplishes this by helping young people learn about the principles of a free society, and by identifying those young people who are already supportive of liberty and providing them with resources to spread the ideas.

Every year, Students For Liberty trains thousands of students to become active on campus, organizes hundreds of events, and brings in tens of thousands of attendees, all with the goal of bringing about a freer society.

TheMaven is an expert-driven, group media network, whose state-of-the-art platform serves, by invitation-only, professional, independent channel partners. By providing broader distribution, greater community engagement, and efficient advertising and membership programs, TheMaven enables partners to focus on the key ingredients to their business: creating, informing, sharing, discovering, leading and interacting with the communities and constituencies they serve.

TheMaven Network will launch this quarter in beta as channel partner signings continue to be announced.

Based in Seattle, TheMaven is publicly traded in the OTC Markets Group, under the ticker symbol MVEN​